We value approximately 500 public and private bonds daily (for open-ended funds), monthly, and quarterly. We have experience in valuing public and private debt as well as loans.

We offer a wide range of valuation services, including in the following cases

  1. Valuation using a model based on obsevable and/or unobservable data
  2. Rating:
    • Investment grade/speculative grade
    • Default rating
    • MGW assigns own rating or uses public rating (if available)
  3. Bonds issued by:
    • Listed Companies
    • Micro, Small, SPV’s
    • Companies in the early stages of development
    • Bonds issued by highly speculative-rated companies whose collateral significantly exceeds the value of the bonds suggest that recovery in the event of bankruptcy will be higher than the market average.

We provide loan valuation services. We have extensive experience and a professional team of experts and financial analysts with extensive knowledge.