other services

We also provide valuation services for intangible assets such as brands, patents, and intellectual property. Other services include restructuring, business consulting, and leasing advisory.

  • Verification or valuations for depositories

    MGW CCG has provided verification and valuation services to some of the most extensive Depository Service Banks for many years. We are an effective and proven partner for Investment Fund Companies and Depositories in the valuation of assets.

  • Trademark, Patent, IP Valuation

    The most commonly used method for estimating the value of a trademark is the income approach - royalty-freeing. This method is based on the assumption that by owning a brand/trademark, a company saves on potential royalties that it would have to pay if it licensed the trademark from another company.

Other Services


  • Interim Management
  • Restructuring of companies based on the Restructuring Law
  • Restructuring of financial liabilities in relation to Financial Institutions

Business consulting

  • Business Plans
  • Due Dillegence / Independent Business Review
  • Financial modeling
  • Controlling support
  • Support in the process of M&A, raising private equity financing, transformations, demergers

Leasing Advisory

  • Arranging Lease Financing
  • Audit of Lease Agreements
  • Leasing Help Desk
  • Leasing Monitor
  • Newsletter
  • Restructuring of Lease Agreements
  • Training in the field of leasing