Find out more about what we can do for you. We are an Independent External Valuator, a company that provides market-leading valuation services.

We provide Debt Valuation, Business Valuation, Loan / Receivables Valuation, and other services such as Deposit Review or Valuation, Trademark, Patent, IP Valuation, Restructuring, Business Consulting and Leasing Advisory Services.

loans / receivables valuation


We offer statistical portfolio valuation and valuation of individual receivables. We have an individual approach to each valued portfolio. Our experts have a wealth of years of experience. We value portfolios from many countries around the Europe, including Poland, Spain, Romania.

other services


MGW CCG also provides valuation services for intangible assets such as brand, patent, intellectual property. As part of other services, we provide services in the field of Restructuring, Business Consulting and Leasing Advisor